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5 Tips For Chakra Balancing

By The Visionary


In the concept of chakras and internal healing, there is a thought that one must have the perfect balance of energies to become healthy not just in physical forms but also in emotional well-being. This thought explains that the body has a constant flow of energy from the universe, and it flows through specific points in the body. Depending on the school of thought you are ascribing in Buddhism and similar faiths, these points range from seven to hundreds!

However, despite the differing accounts on the number of chakra points in the body, the concept remains the same such that when the points are blocked, the body of the person may become “misaligned”, therefore causing illnesses and diseases. The body must have a constant flow of balanced energy so that it can have a healthy life.

This article focuses on the most widely accepted version of this tantric belief, in which the body has seven different focal points. So, how do you achieve balance in your body?

A Change in Color

It is the belief by some that color has an influence on the kind of energy that you want to attract in the world. Same as the evocative effects of color in human psychology, it is the belief in Hinduism and its similar faiths that some energies have a unique frequency with certain colors. It is in this advice that people should wear colors that enters first in their minds, as it is intuition is a guide by the body on what it needs.

There are colors typically assigned to each chakra point; moreover, feelings are also associated with them. So, in the case that you are feeling shameful or having self-doubt, this could mean that you have a blocking or misalignment with your solar plexus chakra or Manipura, and therefore it is recommended to wear something yellow to adjust your energies accordingly.

Here, we are listing the general color associations with each chakra point: root chakra (Muladhara) has red; sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) has orange; solar plexus chakra (Manipura) has yellow; heart chakra (Anahata) has green; throat chakra (Vishuddha) has light blue or turquoise; third-eye chakra (Ajna) has dark blue or purple; the crown chakra (Sahasrara) has violet or white.

You Are What You Eat

Somewhat related to the previous section, the food that people are eating may also be considered color-coded when it comes to balancing your energies. It is recommended that you adjust your diet by intaking foods of the same color of the chakra you are trying to balance.

For example, if you want your heart chakra to be balanced, it is recommended that you consume green-colored food, or vegetables as they are typically green. Eat well!

Sound Healing: Melody of Balance

Sound healing is a concept that focuses on the aural effects of balancing your chakra energies. Although classical music is often considered an all-encompassing solution for bringing a balance in your body, there is a specific note associated with each chakra point.

In this case, it is an understanding by some that listening to music that focuses on these notes will stimulate a particular point in your body: root chakra resonates with the note C; the sacral chakra responds to D; solar plexus is stimulated with E; heart chakra is for F; throat chakra is affected by G; third-eye chakra is moved by A; and finally, the crown chakra responds to B.

In line with this, the tone of your voice could be a good way to stimulate and balance your energies. It is recommended that you put a hand on the specific part that you are experiencing problems with and then hum in different pitches. As you go along with your activity, you’ll probably notice that a certain pitch would have an effect on that part. Sound good?

How Do I Smell?

This is the concept that is focused on the stimulation of the sense of smell. It is a belief of many people, even those that are not practising the faith of Hinduism and other meditative practices, that the effect of essential oils is good for the health. While there is no conclusive evidence of their health benefits, their positive effects on mental well-being are apparent. They can help you relax, take a breath, and give you the right moment in your day to just slow down and regain your sense of balance.

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Internal Images

Considered to be one of the most important pieces of advice in this list, the conjuration of visual images in your head is a critical part of meditation. You might need to sit down for this portion, clear your mind of all things past and future, and remain in the present. You can do this for ten minutes a day, and just let your body breathe and allow the energies to flow through you unobstructed.