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5 Tips For Refocusing Your Energies

By The Visionary

 In a time where there is constant turmoil, chaos, distrust, and dishonesty, you might be overwhelmed about what you can do to make a difference in your world. To some, starting off their actions could prove to be difficult to do. This may be because they are having trouble finding the right reason, push, or drive for their path.

Gerald Lacey II, a visionary and motivational figure states, you need to check on your energy from time to time.  You need to know where you are in your life and where your mental state is. It’s important that you identify your current situation so that you can cleanse and clarify your mind so that you can focus on the things that matter. You need to do an overall awareness check.

What are these things? Based on Gerald Lacey II’s teachings, we have compiled a list of things that you should be focusing your energies on.

Focusing on the Right Values

With the entire world doing a reset and structural changes, it’s easy to get lost on finding the reason for your journey. These distractions could prove to be problematic for your vision. As such, you need to refocus your energies on the right values and figures that answer your whys.

Greatness is one of the things that you can think about. Renown as a very good motivational drive for some people and it’s not wrong for you to want greatness in life. It could mean many things – from financial freedom to happiness. You can also think about peace and love or anything that drives you and gives you satisfaction in life!

Avoid Negative Energies

When people are distracted from positive things that matter, the mind tends to lend attention to things that are negative and toxic to their thought processes. In these times, you need to adjust your overall mental structure, refocus and allow your fluidity to assist you in avoiding these things so they don’t fog your visions.

You need to know what is and what isn’t. There are a lot of conspiracy theories, facts, stories, and opinions that are circulating in the world right now, especially in the the Age of the Internet. The access to misinformation, shenanigans  and lies that are circulated by many people could prove to be detrimental to your focus.

They can lead you to confuse your position in life. Unstable and negative thoughts can easily cause confusion. You can lose direction – you won’t know which is up, down, left, and right! For visionaries and dreamers, it’s imperative that you don’t lose sight of your goals.

The Core of Your Beliefs

When you are starting to feel the effects of a confusing or negative environment, you will have to turn on the one thing that remains constant: Your core beliefs. You need to trust yourself and focus your energy on who you are from within.

Set your vision to who you want to become. The path to your visions may be foggy, confusing, or chaotic but what remains true is your desire to achieve your dreams. From this, you need to take daily actions based on the light that is inside you.



Accept the Things That Are

There are things that can pull extreme emotions from us. Such as this pandemic and the chaos of 2020, it’s very easy to feel outraged and infuriated. Living through or being exposed to unexpected devastating events could prove to be detrimental to your vision if you allow them to.

We have to learn to accept the things that we can and can’t control before moving to heal your vision. You need to focus on positive people who have the same frequency as you do. You need to collaborate with these people so that you can create amazing things so that the things that infuriate or anger you can no longer have any power over you. These things will soon just be but they will not knock you off your path. In a world where it exposes to all kinds of energies, you will need to focus on those individuals that have a positive effect on your energies. You must realize that you must make it in order to have an impact on your life and the lives of others.

What Can You Do?

When you have rid yourself of these negative thoughts and focused on the positives, you will need to do some things that further your vision. You need to take action at once, progress daily, and push yourself to achieve your dreams and destiny!

You need to improve your wealth strategies! Redesigning your plans to further improve your systems is a constant activity of every visionary. If possible, you will need to bond with like mined individuals and collaborate. There is greater power in concentration than in separation so working with others proves to be much more important than working alone. Maximize your creativity and bond!

Do not turn to violence. It is a waste of energy and can be avoided. Keep the positive energy flowing so we can instead turn our energies to contagious amazingness and achieve much more progress that way. It is also imperative that you work on improving your purchasing power and expanding our thoughts and overall knowledge. This is pivotal in positioning ourselves to more to have more control!

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