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Buy More with Your Shopping Budget using the DASH Box Coupon Kiosk

By The Visionary

Finally, an intuitive solution for mall shoppers that helps them save money on the spot! Imagine walking through the mall and seeing a 60″ HD video screen playing a commercial from your favorite store advertising 50% off an item. It almost seems too good to be true, but the DASH Box is making it possible to see, download and redeem exclusive deals on their new and innovative touch screen kiosks. There are daily, local and national deals created by your favorite stores inside and outside of the mall depending on the location All you have to do is walk up, scroll through deals or go directly to your store of interest and see what they are offering. Enter some brief information and within seconds you have an instantly redeemable coupon on your mobile device. (Note* Android phones need QR Code Scanners while iPhone after version 6 users only need to open their cameras to receive coupons). The company states they will be adding two additional ways to access the coupon via mobile devices, as well as online and instant purchase options. I don’t know about you, but I hope there is a DASH Box at every mall I go to! Happy #Shopping! Buy More with Your Shopping Budget using the DASH Box Coupon Kiosk. For more info visit: