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Great Terrain To Spice Up Fitness Variety In Las Vegas

By The Visionary

Mountains Edge Las Vegas, NV reveals Exploration Park, home to Exploration Peak. A desert-designed oasis filled with family fun, green grass, playgrounds, picnic areas, and most notably, its running terrain. This park offers trails for walking and running with grades for all levels of fitness. You can choose to go up the side of the mountain for the MAX challenge, choose your route to the top on the main trail, or run off the backside for multi-terrain distance running. By far one of the most diverse running fitness locations in Las Vegas in such a condensed space. These trails are pet-friendly and safe for kids. There are rest areas along the way that are set up for picnics and a stone-paved sundial area on the top of the mountain for calisthenics, stretching, yoga and reflection. I prefer early mornings or late evenings in the summer due to extreme temperatures but wintertime has fewer limits as long as you dress properly. Choose your times wisely and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Located on the corner of Blue Diamond and Buffalo, this challenging course is easy to find and easy to access. Fitness is life so make it a priority and add Exploratory Park to your fitness regimen. Address: 9275 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89178