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Social Dating in 2023… What is the Status?

By The Visionary
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The online social dating scene is in complete disarray. There are so many sites that just pop up and seemingly have no regard for their members, only the social herding of gaining more marketshare. Swipe swipe message message message, fake profiles, people apprehensive to meet, no courting, limited romance, just a few hookups and less frequent relationship success stories.

Unfortunately, humans are not cattle. Humans need human connection. It happens from the moment we are conceived then continues after birth and quite frankly, it never stops. It is something we desire, whether we admit it or not. Connecting with others is natural. There has to be a better way. This must be addressed before humans start turning to robots for companionship. First there was blow up dolls, and now this? Lol. No way. Cannot happen.

Additionally, there seems to be many lost arts when it comes to meeting and interacting in general. People hardly speak anymore, there are very few that still hold the door open for ladies or the next person coming, chivalry and high level communication paired with emotional intelligence is few and far between. Honesty and loyalty is the unicorn in the room, not the norm. I understand we cannot help everybody and some issues are deeply rooted, but any improvement could lend itself to happier living, long lasting friendships, new relationships and even marriage.

A few other issues that are becoming apparent is people are trying hard to live up to their social media lives. Over usage of filters, over comparisons with others, “doing it for the gram” has been taken to unaffordable and life threatening heights. Introverted behavior is being instilled and reinforced through global events and most importantly in our opinion, authenticity is diminishing.

This has to improve, so we took a deep dive into all of the platforms that currently exist and then took to the road and interviewed random people in airports, bars, restaurants, clubs, at events and more. We wanted to know what these sites do for their members, what tools the FREE and premium memberships offer, is there any solutions to the online social dating space and what people’s experiences have been when dealing with various sites.  We wanted to know if people online date at all or have they opted out and why. For anyone who has ever tried online dating, we wanted to know what their experiences were. This research would lead us in the right direction of sites that were best for connecting to authentic people. Not hookup sites or sites full of catfish scavengers, but real sites that address the issues we face as an interactive society and sites that care about the experience their members have.

Kudos to our TVL research team for finding what looks like a diamond in the rough! or #WWAM according to platform posts seems to be that diamond.

WhereWeAllMeet is an online social and dating app that is focused on eliminating social anxiety by using geo located lifestyle listings to gather like minded individuals in places where connections can happen organically. #WWAM recommends and allows you to book outings that include dining, shows, concerts, events, business networking, activities, getaways and more, right on their site.  You can invite one or all of your friends in your friend network and plan your itinerary from the app. No more pressure for the organized friend when trying to put the day, night or the trip together.  They can simply search the city they are in or plan for future dates in travel cities and again, this can all be done without visiting multiple sites or having multiple checkouts. Seamless event planning right in the palms of your hands. Note: Most bookings provide passthrough discounts for #WWAM members.

All of the above mentioned features are FREE. You can communicate with and invite people in your network to join you places as much as you want. What you cannot do is message other members on the site if they are not in your friends network. You have to be a premium member for that.

Once you are a premium member, a whole new world opens up for you. Now you can message or friend request other members, site wide. You cannot message or chat with them unless they accept you. This keeps your mailbox from filling up with limitless uninteresting messages from people you would never go meet or hang out with. If you are looking to meet other people site-wide, it needs to look like you care about letting other members know you are authentic. It is important for you to have a well filled out profile that showcases who you are and what you do so when when you do send message requests or friend requests, you are taken serious and you get accepted.  If you really want to ensure you make an authentic connection and people know there is social depth to your livelihood, make sure you invite your friends to join the platform and recommend that they fill out their profiles as well. You don’t want to miss the connection of your dreams because you didn’t make a potential suitor comfortable with what they saw.

We honestly love the layers and attention to detail added to this new way of making authentic social connections! They even have disappearing chats that simulate phone conversations so what’s said is said and that’s it… Make sure you save numbers exchanged in the chat or you will have to ask for that number again lol.

There are dating ideas that members can come up with and they can be made public or private. We love this because sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do or where to go and We’ve found that even individuals with super maxed out and efficient social lives love to find out about new things or create new experiences. Dating ideas create ah ha moments that create life time memories.

This is the kicker. If you are really busy or just have dating app, message, swipe or any type of anxiety or apprehension created from your online social experiences, you can hire a dating agent.  We thought this was the coolest tool ever for navigating through to a potential match.

You fill out a dating agent survey that identifies what your are looking for. DO’s and Don’t’s, must haves and absolutely nots and just gets an overall vibe for who you are. These dating agents have a network of friends that are available to communicate with to see if there is a match possibility. If there isn’t, your dating agent will keep working with you on your profile and working through site members until you are happy. It’s pretty reasonable too compared to other matchmakers, dating coaches or relationship counselors. These dating agents can go as far as booking your reservation onsite and coordinating pick ups, drop off and deliveries via the complementary company partnerships they have with vendors of products and services that can make your connection experience seamless.

Let me explain why we love this and why we think this works for people.

  1. You can just go out with your friends to cool places where there will be cool people that gravitated to the same vibe you chose and make organic connections.
  2. It gives your social life variety and keeps you active with geo located events.
  3. Eliminates dating app apprehension by relieving the “Let’s Meet 1 on 1” pressure.
  4. Makes taking that next trip and planning your whole itinerary easier than ever.
  5. The way the profiles are built, it’s harder to fall for fake people with no life or no friends.
  6. If you are busy, you can hire a dating agent to manage your social connections and hopefully find what you are looking for without over messaging, anxiety or FOMO.
  7. Passthrough member discounts to fine dining, events, activities, products and services.
  8. You can build your friend network and communicate with them and invite them to things that keep your friendships alive and flourishing.
  9. It seems to be built by people that care about their members. They do not share or sell your data.
  10. Since you have to accept friends or message requests, it protects you from being bombarded.
  11. The site is based on creating authentic connections and bringing human interaction back into our lives.
  12. You don’t have to over expose yourself to peoples content out side of your own curated circle of friends.
  13. Premium members don’t see ads, thus creating the ultimate private social interaction platform.
  14. You can make your profile available publicly or only to your circle of friends.
  15. It makes it super easy to connect match or rekindle relationships with the invite and booking tools.

Be sure to go to and create your account now! We will see you over there! Find us at TheVisionaryLifeStyle and here on the web: