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The 12 P’s Of Visionary Preparation

By The Visionary
The Visionary Path





October 6, 2021

Visionaries are people who are aiming for the success that they want to achieve in life. They are in it to win it. Throughout their lives, they must keep the elements in their lives in check. They need to make smart choices and wise decisions. They may seem easy to think about, especially by just reading all about them, but if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

It’s difficult to implement success in your life, mainly because it is a mental state and therefore difficult to achieve for some people. Gerard Lacey II, who is the writer of the inspirational and motivational workbook The Visionary: A Collaboration of Visionary Insights, has organized twelve distinct concepts that should be focused by visionaries so that their actions come to their fruition. They are preparatory values so that they can be prepared for the future and make a successful transition towards a life of financial freedom and independence.


Purge Unwanted Feelings and Memories

For Lacey, purging is an important part to start the process of ridding yourself of unwanted feelings, memories, or conditions. The burdens of old memories can stifle or affect you and may keep you from progressing as you should be. You must let go of the baggage of the past, especially if it is taking a toll on you.

Purify the Body of Contaminants

Purifying means to remove all contaminants in the context of Lacey’s words. Another critical part of the twelve P’s, this means that one must remove all factors, be it internal or external, and purify the body in its entirety. Lacey likens the contaminants as barnacles at the bottom of the boat, which would, later on, creep into the engine and cause “vision seizure”.

Perception of the Inner and Outer World

Simply, perceiving is the state of becoming aware or conscious of the conditions around you. The mind can realize and understand the elements that are in play. Lacey advises visionaries that clarity is vital to the process. To achieve this state, you need to be aware of your immediate and future surroundings and realize the essence of your vision.

Penetrate the Mind

Focusing more on the idea of introspection, visionaries need to penetrate his mind first to be successful in going through something in life. During this process, they need to access all hidden thoughts and get them out in the world. This part must be dealt with first for visionaries to be able to access society, create his following, and let his message be heard. In the context of business, market penetration is a very good example of this concept.

Purpose of the Vision

Essentially, the purpose is the reason in which something is done. It is the driving force of the visionary and it is something that they need to have. They must identify the reason for why’s of the vision and the importance of its essence. Identify the message and it must be clear!

Plan the Proposal

Lacey states that the plan is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving that relates to the vision. It is the intention or decision about what visionaries are going to do to make it a reality. He confirms the importance of the adage of “failing to plan is planning to fail”, as he attests its truth. Because of the vast workings of the visionary’s mind, it is important to plan every aspect of the vision, which includes its proliferation process.

Protect the Vision

Visionaries must protect the message or essence of the visions. It is in this part that Lacey advises them that naysayers and non-believers of the visions are going to rise during the journey and will try to harm it. Protect the vision at all costs.

Pledge to the Ideologies

Lacey defines pledging as a commitment by solemn promise. The pledge may come in many forms and perspectives such as internal, external, and group. An internal pledge is a promise to the visionary’s vision. The external pledge is the promise made by the teammates and followers that carry on the torch for the vision. Lastly, the group pledge is a promise taken as a unit to uphold the standards and culture of the visionary’s ideology.

Penalize the Negative Energy

Penalize is the act of punishing for breaking or breaching the rules. As a visionary, you must be able to penalize those who do not follow the rules. Although stated to not be violent, a visionary must be willing to sacrifice any energy that opposes the vision.

Posterize the High Points

Posterize means to create the highlights of your vision. It is recommended that visionaries take photographs and videos of the achievements and accomplishments of the vision to share with members, friends, groups, partners, and the world.


Progress must be made daily. Progressing daily at whatever rate builds strength, confidence, and lessens the time to the finish line. Lacey urges visionaries to not stop, stay focused, make sure you implement your plan of execution.


Proliferation means to expand or increase rapidly. As you implement the last eleven sections to your vision, it is important that you don’t take a rest, even if the results you intended come to fruition. Come back to the earlier parts and repeat the process, change the scale of the plan, and expand to new horizons. Do not waste the precise implementation it took to get to this point, and multiply!