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Family Travel Propels The Visionary Thought Process in Youth (Father Son Pictured)

By The Visionary

Take Your Children Around the World If Able

Exposing your youth to new destinations and global attractions is food for the soul of both the parent and the child. Creating new experiences through travel at a young age paves the way for limitless vision.  A study commissioned by the Student and Youth Tavel Association (SYTA) stated the 74% of 1,500 educators said that “travel has a very positive impact on personal development.” As visionaries we know how important personal development is. We must first be open and develop ourselves to maximize our potential. Also, exposure to cultural differences and ideologies first hand is an experience that keeps the youth hungry for more.

I am a dad, so for a father and son, traveling is a perfect time to talk about life and possibilities while training  your son on how to be in a variety of situations.  Awareness, both internally and externally plays a major role in personal development and survival. Traveling also teaches the importance of responsibility, paying attention and communication especially since most of days abroad are spent dealing with the unknown.  Immediate problem solving, well thought out decisions on the fly and new languages  are a few other skills that can be improved during these exploratory life moments. Come on parents and dads, take time to be adventurous and create irreplaceable memories with your children, they will appreciate it  and you for being visionary forever!

During travel, it’s important to make lessons of the vacations since every place has a history of how it was founded, conquered, grown and developed into what we see today. Take notice to the differences in architectural design and learn where it comes from. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine and several other studies, students who travel are more likely to have higher independence, self-esteem, confidence and adaptability.  Seeing the world is eye opening and broadens the horizons of the young and curious so plan, save, research, book and get going! Even if it’s just a road trip in the country or state you live in, make travel a part of your parenting journey. Traveling also gives parents the ability to show children How To Travel and what they should always look out for so they build a solid foundation for airport, plane, train, bus and boat transportation. Lift boundaries and push forward to your next field trip! See you around the world!! Next step: Get those passports ready!!

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