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Manta5 Shows Visionary Prowess: World’s 1st Hydrofoil E-Bike

By The Visionary

The beauty of 2020 is innovation and new products merged with technology are at an all-time high. Materials are lighter and stronger and minds are more creative than ever. The whole world is into solving problems, making things better, and reaching new levels of efficiency in all aspects of life including Fitness & Lifestyle.

Manta5 jumped to the forefront of water fitness with the HydroFoiler XE-1. It’s suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, is lightweight, easily transportable, and easy to assemble. In speaking to Louis Wilks, Marketing Manager for Manta5, he specified the commitment level of the Founder Guy Howard-Willis to provide a safe, fun, and efficient EBike that handles chop and swell, can be launched from deep water, and provides a fitness experience that creates a whole new frontier in the cycling world with no road danger and no traffic. The HydrFoiler XE-1 is even equipped with a variable electric motor that lets you adjust the amount of assistance based on your riding style or fitness level.

This amazing new product is available for pre-order and limited pre-sale globally and is delivered monthly on a first come first serve basis. Follow them on FB: @manta5NZ for more information or to place your order go to the website. See you on the water!